Individual Components

Signaling Module: SGM

The SGM is made up of two elements: a transceiver to communicate with both DCMs, and a bungalow-based interface to communicate status and connect with external devices. The transceiver receives event and health messages from each DCM and passes them to the control board within the SGM interface for interpretation. All communication between the SGM and DCM are achieved through two directional antennas, mounted on a mast next to the bungalow. The interface sends outputs to the crossing warning system to initiate the crossing signal, and can connect to a laptop to transfer logs or receive firmware updates.

DCM Wheel Detector

The DCM Wheel Detector contains two magnetic sensor assemblies, one at either end, which are enclosed in a durable potting compound and sealed within coated aluminum housings. Each detector is waterproof and weather-resistant. The Wheel Detector is secured to the rail using a Metrom-Rail designed clamping system, which can incorporate spacers to accommodate variations in rail geometry. When a vehicle moves over the sensor, direction and speed are determined from the order and timing of activations of the two magnetic sensors.

Detection Control Module: DCM

A DCM is placed at both approaches, approximately ¾ mile from the crossing. A DCM is made up of a self-sustaining power subsystem, in which a battery is charged by a solar cell located on the supplied 32’ communications tower, a Wheel Detector (WD) for each monitored track, and a transceiver to communicate to the SGM located in the bungalow. All DCM modules are coordinated by a control board located in a tower enclosure. The DCM determines the speed and direction of a vehicle, and sends real-time data to the SGM for further evaluation.

32’ Folding Communications Tower

The Metrom Rail Folding Communication Tower is easily accessible from the ground and can be operated by either a manual or electric winch which is also designed to be removable. The tower arrives at the site pre-wired with the antenna, grounding system and surge protectors installed. Metrom Rail’s towers are designed to meet TIA and AREMA standards.